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[ɔː]  Задание. Найти в тексте 12 звуков [ɔː]

And yet it may seem a small matter in itself. You are aware that

I am not a very sound sleeper, and since I have been on guard in

this house my slumbers have been lighter than ever. Last night,

about two in the morning, I was aroused by a stealthy step

passing my room. I rose, opened my door, and peeped out. A long

black shadow was trailing down the corridor. It was thrown by a

man who walked softly down the passage with a candle held in his

hand. He was in shirt and trousers, with no covering to his feet.

I could merely see the outline, but his height told me that it

was Barrymore. He walked very slowly and circumspectly, and there

was something indescribably guilty and furtive in his whole



I have told you that the corridor is broken by the balcony which

runs round the hall, but that it is resumed upon the farther

side. I waited until he had passed out of sight and then I

followed him. When I came round the balcony he had reached the

end of the farther corridor, and I could see from the glimmer of

light through an open door that he had entered one of the rooms.

Now, all these rooms are unfurnished and unoccupied, so that his

expedition became more mysterious than ever. The light shone

steadily as if he were standing motionless. I crept down the

passage as noiselessly as I could and peeped round the corner of

the door.