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[aɪ] (текст 1)  Задание. Найти в тексте 18 звуков [aɪ]


"I can well remember driving up to his house in the evening some

three weeks before the fatal event. He chanced to be at his hall

door. I had descended from my gig and was standing in front of

him, when I saw his eyes fix themselves over my shoulder, and

stare past me with an expression of the most dreadful horror.

I whisked round and had just time to catch a glimpse of something

which I took to be a large black calf passing at the head of the

drive. So excited and alarmed was he that I was compelled to go

down to the spot where the animal had been and look around for

it. It was gone, however, and the incident appeared to make the

worst impression upon his mind. I stayed with him all the

evening, and it was on that occasion, to explain the emotion

which he had shown, that he confided to my keeping that narrative

which I read to you when first I came. I mention this small

episode because it assumes some importance in view of the tragedy

which followed, but I was convinced at the time that the matter

was entirely trivial and that his excitement had no justification.