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"It is possible that Stapleton did not know of the existence of

an heir in Canada. In any case he would very soon learn it from

his friend Dr. Mortimer, and he was told by the latter all

details about the arrival of Henry Baskerville. Stapleton's first

idea was that this young stranger from Canada might possibly be

done to death in London without coming down to Devonshire at all.

He distrusted his wife ever since she had refused to help him in

laying a trap for the old man, and he dared not leave her long

out of his sight for fear he should lose his influence over her.

It was for this reason that he took her to London with him. They

lodged, I find, at the Mexborough Private Hotel, in Craven

Street, which was actually one of those called upon by my agent

in search of evidence. Here he kept his wife imprisoned in her

room while he, disguised in a beard, followed Dr. Mortimer to

Baker Street and afterwards to the station and to the

Northumberland Hotel. His wife had some inkling of his plans; but

she had such a fear of her husband--a fear founded upon brutal

ill-treatment--that she dare not write to warn the man whom she

knew to be in danger.