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Постановка ритма при чтении и разговоре по-английски. Упражнение 4

Задание для постановки навыка ритмичности (техника shadow reading). Методика выполнения: надо одновременно читать текст, слушать соответствующую аудиозапись и повторять вслух. Скорость при этом довольно высокая и качество произношения может от этого страдать, но это не важно. В этом задании надо сконцентрироваться на соблюдении ритма.



  Other common unwritten rules state that the boss is always right, even when he’s wrong; if you are not at your desk, you are not working; nobody complains, because nothing ever changes; women, ethnic minorities and the over 50s are not promoted; the customer is king, but don’t tell anyone, because management are more interested in profitability.

  Often nobody really knows where these unwritten rules came from, but like the monkeys, new recruits pick them up very quickly, despite the best intentions of induction and orientation programmes.

  The way staff speak to management, to customers and to each other gives subtle but strategic clues to an organization's culture, as do the differences between what is said, decided or promised, and what actually gets done. New staff quickly learn when their ideas and opinions are listened to and valued, and when it's better to keep them to themselves. They learn which assignments and aspects of their performance will be checked and evaluated, and whose objectives and instructions they can safely ignore. Monkeys may be more direct, but work culture is every bit as effective at enforcing unwritten rules as a good beating.

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