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Постановка ритма при чтении и разговоре по-английски. Упражнение 1

Задание для постановки навыка ритмичности (техника shadow reading). Методика выполнения: надо одновременно читать текст, слушать соответствующую аудиозапись и повторять вслух. Скорость при этом довольно высокая и качество произношения может от этого страдать, но это не важно. В этом задании надо сконцентрироваться на соблюдении ритма.



Wrap rage

  Surveys show that intense frustration and even injury caused by modern packaging is on the increase, especially amongst seniors. Seventy per cent of over 50s admit to suffering cuts, sprains and bruises to fingers, hands and shoulders as a result of 'wrap rage', a new term used to describe the irritation and loss of se1f-control experienced when struggling to open wrapping.

  In recent years manufacturers have been under increasing pressure to keep food items sterile, to provide child-proof packaging for dangerous or toxic household cleaning products, to protect products during transport and to reduce in-shop shrinkage due to pilfering. At the same time, they are forced to keep costs to a minimum. As a result, packaging has become ever more resistant to fingers, nails and even teeth. In their frustration with blister packs and welded plastic, which defeat all attempts to be pulled, torn or even cut open with scissors, consumers resort to stabbing with screwdrivers, twisting with pliers or slashing with knives. At best, the product inside the packaging is at risk: at worst, it is hardly surprising that 60.000 people a year are injured in Great Britain alone.

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